"Patchwork Pear"
  Want to know what the name means?

Deb and Mat sew together a performance from patchwork of art forms...
and sow seeds of fun, smiles, laughter, and good cheer!


Art Forms:

Mime and Clown- Whether stage or strolling, Mat engages the audience with a gift for comedy, mimicry and silent
acting reminiscent of great mimes and physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Red Skelton.

Music and Singing- Deb plays acoustic guitar and clawhammer style banjo. She sings (with a warm and beautiful
voice) songs in the styles of folk, gospel and oldies rock 'n' roll.

Juggling and Acrobatics- Mat tosses, balances, and spins a variety of objects and includes acrobatic skills (like
walking on his hands) in a juggling show that will both excite and amuse an audience of any age.

Storytelling- Whether its Deb singing (with Mat miming) "The Ballad of John Henry" or Mat giving a rip roaring
recitation of "Casey at the Bat" or telling a revisioned old folktale like his "Jack and the Beanbags" (which he magically
A Pear performance is full of unforgettable stories!

Special Programs

2021 Michigan Summer Reading Theme "Tails and Tales"
Mat presents "Professor Snoopenheimer Snoops Out Kooky Kryptids!"

Last summer the brilliant but eccentric (well... kooky really) snooped out "Fairies, Trolls and Elves! Oh My!" He's back
at it in 2021! This time he's snooping out "kryptids" (well... "cryptids" really)- mysterious creatures (
like Bigfoot) that
may exist but are not proven to exist! Now cryptids can be spooky but with Prof Snoopenheimer, they're only kooky
and lots of fun! What's also fun is to snoop out the wonderful things you can learn, places you can go, and adventures
you can have in a book!

The Kooky Kryptids

The Frog Fellow with his Fantastic Frogcycle, Big Ear on BOB the Big Orange Ball ("walking globe") and The Michigan
Dog Dude who loves to tell funny jokes and stories and play the "dude's harp" (really the jews harp, amazes kids)!
"Creatively Sewing Patches
& Sowing Seeds of Cheer"